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PE and Technology

My name is Jonathan Lozon, and I teach the Technology and Physical Education classes. This is my 5th year teaching at St. Mary of the Knobs. I graduated from Our Lady of Providence in 2001 and went on to Indiana University Southeast where I earned a Bachelors degree in Geography with a minor in History. I did not originally plan on going into education but realized how much I enjoyed sharing knowledge and teaching others during my six years as an outdoor educator and backpacking guide at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. When the opportunity came, I was thrilled for the chance to join the staff at SMK and continue my passion for sharing knowledge with others.

I have always had a love for technology! I grew up taking things apart, asking why, and trying to figure out how things work. I try to instill that same excitement and drive to explore into my students. Starting in Kindergarten, students will begin to learn the very basics of programming, this will set the foundation for future lessons in each grade. Students will progressively learn to use the Microsoft Office suite as those programs become more integrated with their classroom projects. Formal typing lessons begin in 3rd grade and students will have self-paced progression throughout their time here at SMK. Digital Citizenship is a very important topic that I focus on with all grades since they are living in an ever-growing online and connected life. Middle schoolers will begin to take things a step further with 3D design work, working with Single Board Computers, and applying the skills they have gained over their time at SMK.

When it comes to Physical Education I have a vision of everybody being able to have some sort of active lifestyle. Whether that is playing an organized sport or just getting outside for a nice walk. During P.E. students will be exposed to many different sports or activities that, I hope, will help give them options of what they could choose to incorporate into their everyday lives. So many jobs today require people to sit or be stationary, and it is very easy to forget to take care of our bodies. But if I can get my students to take a sport or an activity from class and turn it into a routine, then they will have great building blocks to keep an active life as they get older. At St. Mary of the Knobs we get to do some unique sports that not every school gets an opportunity to try (including roller skating and archery).

In addition to teaching, I am the head coach for Cross County, Track and Field, and the Academic Olympics team. I enjoy being involved at St. Mary of the Knobs School and look forward to going to work each day, because after all when you enjoy what you do, it is not considered work.


Educational Links

These websites below contain wonderful, educational games for all ages.  All subjects are addressed with easy to use options.