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SMKCS Lunch Program 

The price of the school lunch with milk is $2.75 per day for students, $3.25 for adults and .40 for milk or orange juice only. Menus are sent home at the end of each month and are posted on our website so you will be aware of what is being served on a daily basis.

The lunches served are in compliance with government requirements for a Class A lunch program and meet our State/Archdiocesan Wellness Policy. We also participate in the government food subsidy program. Our Cafeteria Staff, Nancy Dunaway and Carol Sims plan the meals, order and prepare the food, record purchases and work with the administration to maintain a high-quality cafeteria program.

We utilize Headmaster software to record lunch and drink purchases. It is suggested that each family establish an account with $50 to accommodate all siblings, as they will be linked to one account.  Please know that although the account is linked between siblings, you will be able to review individual student purchases.  Since students deplete monies from their lunch account at different rates, you will receive an invoice indicating when your cafeteria account falls below $10 so you can replenish this fund.  Your cooperation helps our cafeteria operate efficiently and allows us to maintain the current price of lunches.

Parents of K-5th grade students, thank you for giving at least two days per school year to volunteer in the cafeteria.