School Commission

School Commission

2017-2018 School Commission Members

Fr. Mike Hilderbrand - Pastor

Tracy Jansen - Principal

Shannon Becht

Stacey Eads

Jeff Hegedus

Charlotte Messmer

Adam Naville

Leah Nett

Ryan/Brittany Pennington 

Carrie Senn

Robert Trinkle


The SMK School Commission works collaboratively to support the mission of the St. Mary of the Knobs Catholic School.

The SMK School Commission meets on the second Monday of each month. If you have questions or a suggested agenda item, please contact one of the SMK School Commission members.


The commission's top accomplishments from the 2016-2017 school year:

1. Dramatic increase in enrollment and growth of our school including the addition of middle school programming, due in part to our Parent Ambassador Program
2. Incredibly positive feedback received from the Archdiocesan team that evaluated SMKCS in a site visit held once every three years.
3. Improved school facilities including renovated 2nd-6th grade classrooms, the acquisition of the Horseshoe Grant, and renovating and repurposing the former Parish Hall for our Childcare Ministry and SMK Catholic Middle